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Korean vegetarian meals, zen music, and far east atmosphere in NYC.

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Tofu stone bowl rice with sesame leaves ($21.00)  V
sautéed tofu over rice with sesame leaves & vegetables served in hot stone bowl

Organic avocado bibimbap or stone bowl ($26.00)  V
served with organic brown rice

Bloggers' reviews

Amazing ginger iced tea

The most amazing ginger iced tea you will ever have served in the most rustically crafted ceramic cups. The spice from each sip will burn your throat in the very best way.

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The crispy mushrooms were divine

The crispy mushrooms were divine and the sauce was perfect. The stone bowl with roasted pumpkin slices on top was a hit. The bowl was super hot and kept cooking the rice as we ate. The rice was filled with delicious pieces of mango and vegetables. I didn't think I would like it but I was scraping the bowl.

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