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CHAMPS Family Bakery is a 100-percent vegan diner and bakery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We serve fresh and delicious breakfast dishes, salads, sandwiches, coffee, juices and desserts 7 days a week, from 9 am to 11 pm. Come on by and say hi!

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Recommended on the menu

Buenos días salad ($12.00)  V
mixed greens, kale, tomatoes, tofu scramble, tempeh bacon, avocado, creamy chipotle dressing

Reuben Sandwich (9.00)  V
grilled seitan, sauerkraut, cheese, russian dressing on toasted rye

French Toast Slam ($12.00)  V
2 french toast wedges, tofu scramble, soysage, tempeh bacon with salad

Drunken Cowgirl ($12.00)  V
tofu scramble, garlic rosemary potatoes, our award-winning chili, cheese, avocado on texas toast

Bloggers' reviews

Delicious Eggs Benedict

I went for the Eggs Benedict, since they're something you can really only get if you go to an all vegan restaurant. They were awesome. The Hollandaise sauce had a lemony twist to it, which helped offset the richness of the dish. The tofu eggs were thinly sliced and crispy, so they had a great consistency, although I was expecting more of an egg flavor.

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Effortlessly cool atmosphere

Champ's atmosphere is effortlessly cool and definitely casual, but don't let that and the diner-vibe fool you. The staff may seem laid-back, but they are friendly, uber-efficient and perpetually hustling. They can't help it; there's almost always a long wait for a table. But rather than be too busy to be attentive, they are like super-servers: buzzing around deftly and effectively. They're happy to answer questions about the menu, substitutions are effortless, and they never rush you

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