Candle 79


Welcome to Candle 79, NYC's premiere vegan oasis. Delicious, creative Food Fresh from Farm to Table. Organic wine, spirits, and beers at an elegant eco-bar. Elegant, Organic, Local, Seasonal, Compassionate, Green, Step Inside, and discover a world of sustainable beauty in food and drink.

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Recommended on the menu

Vegetable-wild mushroom fricasee ($24.00)  V
chipotle grilled tempeh, poblano peppers, spinach, zucchini, shallots, truffled soft polenta

Rosemary-cabernet pan seared seitan (24.00)  V
grilled asparagus, fingerling potatoes, grape tomatoes, vegetable reduction, truffled hazelnuts

Pomegranate-BBQ seitan skewers (13.00)
frisee, fennel-orange sala

Bloggers' reviews

Wild Mushroom-Squash Risotto

For my entree, I had the Wild Mushroom-Squash Risotto with cashew cream, pumpkin seeds, fresh herbs and frizzled leeks. Wow. I was stuffing this into my face it was so good. I cannot seem to make risotto right so I was jumping for joy when I saw this on the menu especially with my favorite things in the world: mushrooms and squash.

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One of the best all-around vegan restaurants

Candle 79 has long been considered one of the best all-around vegan restaurants in the country. Opt for seating on the über cozy second floor, for a coo-worthy evening you’ll be talking about for ages.

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