Blossom on Carmine

  • Vegan

From the team behind Uptown’s Blossom and V-Note Organic Wine Bar, Blossom on Carmine offers tapas and locally-sourced beverages in an intimate dining room. Gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free and raw options available.

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Recommended on the menu

Tacos ($7.00)  V
roasted mushroom adobo, corn tortilla, cabbage, huitlacoche, carrot/onion escabeche, micro cilantro

New York Cheesecake (11.00)  V
Peach Reduction, Chocolate Chips

Picatta (19.00)  V
pan-seared seitan cutlets, lemon/white wine butter, celery root purée, fried capers

Bloggers' reviews

A zen-like vibe

There was an intimate zen-like vibe inside the restaurant with exposed brick walls and a fireplace in the dining grotto. All of the appetizers were delicious, but my favorites were the trumpet mushroom scallops and the black-eyed pea and potato cakes.

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One of my personal NYC favorites!

Whether you’re there for brunch, lunch, or dinner Blossom on Carmine never fails to exude professional, detailed care and attention to both their customers and their food. Dinners are particularly romance-inducing, with their mood light mastery and cozy, warm color scheme.

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