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Blossom is a vegan restaurant in New York City that was established to creatively bring vegan dining to a fresh, new and delicious level. Starting in 2005 with our historic flagship location in Chelsea, to today in four Manhattan neighborhoods, we bring animal-caring, health conscious cuisine to food lovers everywhere.

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Recommended on the menu

Port Wine Seitan ($22.00)  V
pan-seared seitan cutlets, port wine & mushroom sauce, garlic mashed potatoes tempura onion, sautéed spinach

Rigatoni in Porcini Cream ($19.00)  V
shallots, leeks, broccoli rabe, pistachio gremoulata, truffle oil, caramelized fennel & onion jam crostini

Cauliflower Risotto ($20.00)  V
diced cauliflower, shiitake mushrooms, polenta croquettes, baby spinach emulsion, lemon confit

Seitan Scaloppini ($21.00)  V
pan-seared seitan cutlets, white wine, lemon & caper sauce garlic mashed potatoes, sautéed kale

Phyllo Roulade ($18.00)  V
spice lentils, swiss chard & caramelized onions, carrot cashew cream

Tofu in Brandy Cream ($20.00)  V
smoky tempeh, escarole & napa cabbage, Yukon gold potatoes, shiitakes, asparagus

Vegetable Mezze Plate ($18.00)  V
roasted butternut squash, Brussels sprouts, escarole & cannellini beans, sautéed kale, sweet potato purée, spiced quinoa pilaf

Lasagna ($18.00)  V
tapioca cheese, ground seitan & tofu marinara roasted eggplant, sautéed broccoli rabe

Bloggers' reviews

Warm, intimate and candlelit restaurant

Our meal was decadent and filling. I loved it! If you happen to be in New York City and can choose only one upscale vegan restaurant, please take my word for it and dine at Blossom’s wonderful restaurant in Chelsea.

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One of the best restaurants in NYC

Not one menu item is a failure. The atmosphere is quite romantic and is perfect for a special outing. Make sure you order the apple-cinnamon sticks for dessert!

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