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Food bloggers: we need you

Are you vegetarian or vegan? Or do you simply like to write about your culinary experiences? VeggiePicks would like to partner with you. Here is how it works:

  • Go on any restaurant’s page on
  • Write a short summary of a review that’s already on your blog or website
  • You get a link to your blog, and new readers. Win-win!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions –

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Vegan Month @ Mexican Radio

In case you missed it, it’s Vegan Month at Mex Rad. Spread the word!

November is World Vegan Month… And we love our vegan customers. And with that said we’re highlighting our extensive vegan menu and adding a number of rarely offered dishes like Vegan Mac’n’Cheese and Elotes Mercato.

For all of November, buy a Vegan appetizer and an entrée and we’ll throw in the vegan dessert for FREE!

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The Butcher’s Daughter (Little Italy)

Today’s shout out is for The Butcher’s Daughter, at the corner of Kenmare and Elisabeth. This tiny place deserves some love. Large windows, communal table and fresh vegetables make a perfect recipe for some good time. This juice bar / health restaurant is not fully vegan but can substitute ingredients on demand.

Here is what the web thinks about it. Click on the links for full reviews (these blogs are awesome, you should check them out).

A vegetarian and juice-lover’s heaven

A vegetarian and juice-lover’s heaven. Be prepared for a long wait and steep prices, but once your food comes out you won’t regret it.

Two thumbs up

We shared the breakfast sandwich, quinoa salad, artisan roasted potatoes, and a pitcher of green juice. Two thumbs up. The perfect detox to our evening out in Korea town.

Look forward to going back

I am grateful for the efforts made to showcase the versatility and beauty of vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, and grains.

For more info, reviews and photos:

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19 Kenmare street (corner of Elisabeth)


Paulie Gee Pizza (Greenpoint)

We just added Paulie Gee Pizza to And what an addition! We can’t wait to try it, and will post a review. For now, here is what bloggers think about it:

The best pizza east of Manhattan

Not only will I become a regular at Paulie Gee’s, but I am now going to be scouring the grocery store for jalapeno infused honey. Overall, we give our experience at Paulie Gee’s pizza an A+.

Labor of Love

If there were ever an ambassador of pizza goodwill, it would be Giannone. His passion for pie is evident. I can’t think of a pizzeria since Una Pizza Napoletana that is as much a labor of love than the restaurant Giannone has crafted on the edge of the Brooklyn.

For more info, reviews, photos:

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60 Greenpoint Avenue


Just added: Kos Kaffe

We’ve just added Kos Kaffe on VeggiePicks.

A coffeehouse with a nice selection of vegan salads and sandwiches.K os Kaffe (or “cup of coffee” in Hebrew), in Park Slope, is the place where a fairly big part of has been created. The coffee is roasted in-house, and the home-made salads and sandwiches are delicious (try the tofu bahn-mi!). Large windows, and free wifi… the perfect place to spend a productive afternoon.

For more photos, reviews, and recommended veggie-options:

Vegetarians love us: the restaurants window clings


We’re excited to introduce the VeggiePicks window clings, to help veggie-friendly restaurants around the neighborhood get noticed by vegetarians and vegans – and help vegetarians and vegans easily discover new places.

If you walk around Park Slope (and soon Manhattan), look at the restaurants windows for a sticker like the one above. We hand-picked these places for you, so that you can be confident that they serve great vegetarian or vegan options.

And if you would like to quickly know which dishes are recommended, take your phone and scan the QR code at the bottom right of the sticker. Isn’t that cool?

Reviews, explained

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The Restaurants Reviews category will allow us to give our opinion and describe our experience dining at restaurants throughout the city. We will try to stay objective, with the goal of pointing out to restaurant owners possible ways to keep improving. We are excited to see this section grow.

We are also anticipating to publish “guest posts” – so if you are a blogger and would like to get some more traffic to your website, please contact us. We will be happy to publish a full of partial review of your last experience in a veg-friendly restaurant, with links to your website.

In addition, we are starting a great win-win program for food bloggers: summarize your reviews in a few lines, and post them on VeggiePicks. For example, check out the “Reviews” section of Request your blogger access here and start posting away!

Veg-friendly restaurants discovery

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Early this year, we started VeggiePicks after realizing that no website existed to easily find vegetarian-friendly (or vegan-friendly) restaurants. Sure, it’s easy to google a list of the top 10 vegetarian restaurants in New York City, or type “vegan restaurant” in Yelp. But if you were looking for great veggie dishes in non vegetarian places, you were left alone – until now.

We’ve asked our friends for recommendations, ate at many places around the city, looked up reviews on tons of websites, and compiled everything on VeggiePicks. We will help you discover the most appreciated veg-friendly restaurants in your neighborhood. Just go to from your computer or phone, and start discovering new great places.